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When shutting down the entire garage or access lane is not an option, projects are required to be done in phases to maintain vehicular access. Leaside Electric's temporary traffic light system rentals are always mounted in a conspicuous location on the construction site and have the freedom of mobility when the project is ready to progress to another phase. Our traffic light rental systems utilize the latest LED technology which lasts longer than conventional incandescent technology and eliminates the inconvenience of bulbs burning out. Leaside Electric's team of electricians have the knowledge of traffic flow patterns and can advise you of the proper timing and necessary locations of the lights.

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Leaside Electric provides the cost effective service of temporary traffic light rentals for private construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area. Our temporary traffic light rental system reduces the need for two or more flag men with stop/slow signs at either end of the construction zone and are programmed on site to automatically adjust to the change in traffic flow patterns during rush hours. This ensures minimum wait times for the residents or tenants and saves money by allowing construction companies to reduce their labour costs while still providing a means of safely controlling traffic 24 hours a day. Leaside Electric's temporary traffic light rentals are reliable and are programmed for your specific project which also reduces the time spent by your workers dealing with complaints about slow egress from the parking structure during the construction project. Our systems now also include countdown lights in place of a yellow light. Countdown lights are proven to increase traffic flow by effectively notifying drivers of the remaining time until the light changes. This increases driver patience while waiting at red lights and increases readiness as the end of a red cycle approaches.

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